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I presented the paper “Simulations of Necessary Conditions of World Peace Leveraging a Quaternary-Based, Quintuple-Layered Complex Adaptive Systems Model” at IAMOT 2021 held at Nile University in Egypt, only a few days ago.

This post contains the backstory that led to this paper which also explains why I dedicated this paper to the late Tony Hsieh, extracts from the paper itself so that the reader can get a sense of the approach I have proposed, and a backup youtube presentation I had created before my actual live online presentation on September 22nd in case I had connection issues. …

I recently did an interview with Engati CX where I offered my perspective on quanta and quantum computing:

“The New Look of Quanta” is an interesting title Engati arrived at, and I suppose there is truth to it given the interpretation of quanta I have continually put forward. In its simplest form, the essence of such an interpretation is captured in this brief blog post, Quanta and the big bang, in a couple of paragraphs. …


This post summarizes three expressions of a Unified Theory (aka Cosmology of Light) I have been working on over the last few years.

Chronologically, Mathematics as an Artistic Medium Expression was completed first. This comprises ten books. I sought to summarize the extensive content in a simpler non-mathematical way highlighted in Cosmology of Light Musings Expression by focusing on some nuggets from these books. This is the expression focused on first and is good background for the other two. …

In 2014 I published a digital book ‘ The Flower Chronicles’ which sought to apply a comprehensive fractal theory I had previously developed, to a range of practical situations.

My urge to do so was simple: could the theoretical and somewhat complicated fractal theory in Connecting Inner Power with Global Change: The Fractal Ladder be explained and applied simply, perhaps even by leveraging a simple and vastly prevalent natural form?

I found the form in a flower — whose journey from seed to flower — embodies a ubiquitous journey at the heart of every person, organization, phenomenon, situation, or framework.

In a Cosmology of Light, Light in its native state has been suggested to travel infinitely fast. But this infinity in speed is relative to the known speed of c, in which the physical universe has arisen.

Considering light to travel infinitely fast allows us to imagine a native reality of omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omninurturance.

In another way of seeing though we can imagine that Light in its native state is Still and that all other projected speeds are just a way for the dynamics of quanta, and therefore of time, space, energy, and gravity to come into being…

In Other Cosmic-Sized Photons, it was suggested that light projected at different speeds would create cosmic-sized photons. Hence light projected at zero speed creates a photon responsible for the Darkness-Weakness-Ignorance-Chaos quadrality, just as light projected at c, and at speeds between light’s native state where it exists infinitely fast, and c, create other cosmic-sized photons.

But when light is projected at c it precipitates the big bang and the appearance of a composite space-time-energy-gravity quadrality. …

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An Original Photon suggested that Light projected at zero-speed creates a layer of reality animated by a Darkness-Weakness-Ignorance-Chaos quadrality. The information held together as it were in a macro-sized packet to create a layer replete with such fourfold properties, is therefore nothing other than a cosmic-sized photon.

But there are other cosmic-sized photons that similarly hold information in a pregnant embrace until such point as it can be released to create the fourfold reality of a unique layer of light.

Hence, light projected at speed c can be thought of as such a cosmic-sized photon containing within it the information…

The Fourth Quantization proposed that if Light were to project itself at zero speed, it would in effect swallow up all potentiality to materialize a Darkness-Weakness-Ignorance-Chaos quadrality. This would be a persistent influence in the process of quantum-level arbitration that determines reality where Light travels at speed c, aka our known physical universe.

But in another way of looking at it, any quanta is a bridge mechanism connecting one layer of light with another. The common name for a quantum of light is a photon. But if in some act Light in its native state projects itself at zero speed…

Euler’s Lullaby-Cosmic Symphony Paradox used the metaphor of music in its effects on audiences. This post will focus on some aspects of sound primarily from the perspective of the Significance of Number in a Cosmology of Light.

Light in its native state is imagined to exist infinitely fast, also displaying properties of omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniharmony or omninurturance. This omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent-omniharmonious quadrality can also be imagined to have a primal sound that summarizes the infinite potentiality resident in Light, and perhaps that is the most mysterious of sounds referred to as OM.

Euler’s Beautiful Equation suggested an interpretation linking 0, 1, ‘i’, ‘e’, and ‘pi’ in a Cosmology of Light, and Euler’s formula (a part of Euler’s Identity) charts out ‘e’, ‘i’, and ‘pi’ (or an angle depicted as multiples of pi), as an endless wave.

The attraction of such an endless wave is that no matter how much the angle increases (depicted by the horizontal or x-axis above), the value as per Euler’s formula will always fall within a set upper and lower bound (depicted by the vertical or y-axis).

For many quantum physicists, this is perhaps utopia, because if the…

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